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Professional Strategy & Consulting

The benefits of professional strategy and executive coaching include

  • Leadership and professional development

  • Clearer communication and improved internal functioning

  • Greater morale and initiative taking

  • Clearer focus and alignment on priority issues

  • Clarity around roles and responsibilities

  • Better understanding of company goals, values, vision and mission

One to One Sessions

Coaching & Mentoring

I’ll create a personalised package that will identify your strengths and stretches and we’ll work as a team on creating change that will last your entire lifetime.


Using a myriad of tools we’ll discover what’s really been holding you back and together we’ll explore what your ideal future self looks like. You’ll see immediate improvements in your clarity and confidence and renewed passion and joy as a new world of possibility opens up and you start experiencing extraordinary results.

Goal Planning

90 Days of Brilliance

20 years of film producing meant being in charge of millions of dollars in budgets, insanely tight schedules and 100s of crew. The secret to this success was all in the planning and this is an area of particular passion and expertise that I’d love to share with you.  


Learn how to create New Year’s resolutions that actually stick, legacy planning that sets you up with clear objectives for the next 1,3 and 5 years and run a '90 Day Accountability Plan of Brilliance’ that will turn ideas into habits and results. Access templates that break your goals down into weekly planners and learn how to set daily intentions that result in better time management, increased productivity, self confidence and better

work life balance.

Workshop & Leadership Facilitation

Breakthrough Experiences

The benefit in me having received the world’s most rigorous training in Meta Dynamics Facilitation is that you’ll experience an interactive and engaging workshop like never before! Combined with team Meta Dynamics™ and Extended Disc profiling extraordinary results can be achieved on topics such as Disruptive Leadership, Goal Planning, Vision and Mission Statements, Values Elicitation and Enhanced Corporate Culture. I’ve also run workshops on subjects such as Perfectionism, Procrastination, Overcoming Fear and Managing Stress but lets talk more about me tailoring a session to meet the exact needs of your team. 

Meta Dynamics   Profiling Tool

Mindset Analysis


Treat yourself to one of the world’s most advanced profiling tools in order to maximise your coaching sessions and gain remarkable insights into our own unique thinking style. Meta Dynamics™ shines a light on what is currently impacting our life and pinpoints undeveloped areas and opportunities for growth. This gives us the most direct path to transformational change.

Extended Disc   Profiling Tool

Behavioural Blueprinting


Have you ever wondered why people act and think so differently? Your Extended Disc behavioural profile will reveal where your natural energy lies and where you can stretch to grow. You’ll now have the skills to understand yourself completely and a blueprint manual for how to interpret and create stronger connections with others

A coaching relationship is one built on trust and compatibility. Why not get in touch to set up a complimentary phone or skype call so that you can get a deeper understanding of my services and cost structures. 

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