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I spent three decades focused on learning the secrets to success and have had the privilege of working with incredible companies and teams in my previous careers as a Marketing Executive and Emmy award-winning film producer.


I am now a qualified Personal Coach and Professional Mentor and I am on a mission to share this knowldege, and support committed people to live a life of passion, purpose and meaning. 


When I was 21 and a newly inducted Management Trainee at QANTAS, I read with amazement an article that stated that the average Australian would change careers (not jobs but careers!) three times in their life. 


At the time I couldn't imagine another life outside of QANTAS. After all I'd just become part of the 'chosen few' - 10 graduates out of field of 5000 hopefuls - for a coveted fast tracking management career and free flights to boot! What more could I want....


7 years later with a fantastic salary, Marketing Executive title and thousands of flying kilometres under my belt, I walked away from this 'dream career' in order to truly 'find myself'. Backpacking through Europe I had my epiphany when I realised that I was too young to be writing in my journal 'if I had my life to live over again'.


My First Act was complete and it was time to return and start my newly desired career as a Film Producer.


20 years on and with a mantle shelf of mega ‘film bling’ including an Emmy® and AACTA® and millions around the world having been touched by the movies that I've made, I've now embarked on my Next Chapter - that of being the very best Personal and Professional Coach that I can possibly be.

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